Winter Dog Safety Tips

Winter Safety Tips for Dogs

Posted Dec 9, 2019 in Seasonal

The holiday season is upon us, which also means the arrival of freezing temperatures, brisk winds, and possible snowfall to match. But let’s not forget the abundance of food, family, and friends (furry and all) that come with that. With all that enjoyment, though, it’s important to remember the doggy dangers winter blows in. Here are the most prominent hazards to be aware of and how to avoid them.

The Dangers of Rodent & Cold Weather Poisons

There tends to be an increase in the use of rat poison when cold weather arrives as various rodents come to seek shelter from the lowering temperatures. Rodenticides are not only toxic to the critters invading your home, but they also serve as a threat to Fido – and in high doses can be fatal. If you have no other option than to use rodent poison, ensure it’s never in areas accessible to your pooch. There are also non toxic pest control alternatives that are worth considering to ensure your four-legged friend’s safety.

Another action that starts to increase when the temperatures are decreasing is people changing their car’s engine coolant. Ethylene glycol-based coolants are incredibly toxic and need to be kept out of paws reach. If there’s ever a spill, clean it up immediately and thoroughly. A better alternative is switching to propylene glycol-based coolants for your cars. They’re by no means nontoxic but still have less toxicity to your pup than other common engine coolants.

Protect Those Paws

When snow and ice are even spoken of, you’ll start to find rock salt, antifreeze, and other de-icers thrown about in every direction. This can make sidewalks a dangerous place for Fido. Chunks of salt and ice can easily scratch up your pup’s paws and get stuck in between their toes. On top of that, toxic de-icers can leave residue on your pooch that they’ll most likely try to lick off later. Whether you decide to use doggy booties or paw wax, it’s essential to make your dog’s paws a priority. Always be sure to wipe their paws off when you come home, too, just in case. Also, consider investing in pet-safe deicers for your home.

Ensure Cars Can See You & Fido

With Daylight Savings now in effect, the days are getting shorter and shorter, creating less daylight for you and Fido’s walks. Because of this, you want to guarantee that cars are still able to see you and your pup so you can maintain everyone’s safety. You can do this by purchasing a reflective gear for Fido, such as leashes, collars, and even vest/clothes. There’s also plenty of jackets you can wear as a pet parent to keep yourself visible.

Don’t Push Your Pup’s Limits

Don’t be fooled by that fluffy coat – even your furry friend may find certain temperatures to be too cold to withstand. Some dogs are bred to endure brutal snowy weather, but pups that are elderly, thin, have short hair, or are still considered puppies – are more susceptible to the winter weather. So to be careful, don’t leave Fido unattended outside during freezing temperatures – you don’t want to walk off to do something and forget you left your pooch outside. You can also help your canine companion stay warm by dressing them in sweaters or coats – especially for long walks. A good rule of thumb to stick by is if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for Fido as well.

You can’t protect your dog from everything, but you can take preventative measures to lower their chances of harm. Always do your research, and when in doubt, call your vet.

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