Traveling with your dog.

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Posted Feb 19, 2018 in Tips

A vacation getaway with your dog is the best way to relax and get away from work or school. No matter where you’re heading, you’re probably so excited and very prepared for your trip. While bringing your dog on your trip can be so fun and exciting, it can also be challenging and stressful to plan. With some planning and a few simple purchases, we’re sure you’ll have a great trip. Here are some tips on how to prepare!

Pre-Trip Planning

Your dog should have their identification tags with your phone number and contact info on a sturdy collar at all times. You’ll also want to pack your dog’s favorite food and local or bottled water, since this will keep them eating familiar foods/water. Try to keep their routine as consistent as possible while on the trip.

Buy A Crate

On airplanes, a crate is required. But you should probably have one if you’re in the car too, for the drive and for when you arrive at your destination. When buying a crate, it should be big enough that your pup can stand, turn, and lie down. You want it to be sturdy, with handles and a leak proof bottom. Make sure it has proper ventilation and the ability to put your contact info on it as well. To make it as comfortable as possible for your pup, throw in their favorite toys and a comfy mat.

Car Travel

For car rides, prepping your dog is important. A few days or a week before you leave take your dog for a test run to get them used to the feeling, starting with short rides and increasing. They should have an empty stomach for car rides to avoid nausea, but also have plenty of water. Be sure your car is well-ventilated and that there is always fresh air flowing to your dog and the crate. Just like you need to stop for breaks, so does your dog. Make sure you plan for bathroom breaks and stretch breaks, especially so they can get pent up energy out.  Don’t ever leave your dog unattended in a car.

Plane Travel

When it comes to traveling by plane, researching the airline and calling about their dog policy is the way to start. You may need to reserve a spot for your dog or see what arrangements need to be made. Book early, since there can be restrictions about how many dogs can be on board. Be sure to have all your pup’s health certifications and proof of vaccinations. When you buy your crate, be sure you chose one that is approved by the airline if they are being transported as cargo (for larger dogs.) If you have a small dog, they may go under your set. 

Overall, bringing your dog along on vacation will always be an amazing experience, for you and your family! Just be sure to be proactive and plan ahead. Good luck!

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