Tips for taking your dog to the office.

Tips for Taking your Dog to the Office

Posted Apr 16, 2018 in Tips

In today’s culture, offices and companies around the U.S. are more often allowing employees to bring their dogs into work. It has even been shown that having employees bring their furry friends to work improves work-life balance, improves employee relationships, lowers stress, and boosts creativity! More and more offices are choosing to create a pet-friendly environment to allow employees to thrive and feel at home.

While its a great thing to be able to bring your dog into the office, there are also some things you need to be aware of in order to have this be successful. You want to make sure your dog is well behaved and doesn’t ruin the policy for anyone else. Here are some tips to having a great experience bringing your pup to work.


One major thing you need to do before bringing your pup to work is get them some exercise. A long morning walk or play time before you go into the office is key to keeping them well behaved throughout the day. This will help them get out excess energy and be able to stay calm at work.


You want to also be sure your dog is properly socialized and trained before you start bringing them to work. Be sure the commands “come”, “place”, and “sit” are all solidified and can be performed well. You also want to make sure your dog is completely house-trained and knows where to go to the bathroom. You don’t want any accidents so be sure you are taking your dog out frequently, especially the first few times of bringing in your dog. Over time, your dog will learn where is the right place to go to the bathroom.

Pack a Kit

You’ll want to be fully prepared at work for anything your dog may need, since you probably can’t just leave to go get it. Create a kit that you bring to work with your dog, which includes toys, treats, a water dish, a small bed, poop bags, and anything else you think your dog will need. You want to make sure your dog feels right at home so they are happy.


You’ll want to introduce your dog to the people in your office, specifically people who sit near your desk or on your floor. Remember that some people may not love dogs as much as you, or are nervous around them. By having a formal introduction with your dog sitting, this will put them at ease. You should also introduce your dog to any other pups in the office one at a time. It is important to note that if your dog doesn’t like other dogs, they should probably not come to work with you, as this could cause problems.

Create a Routine

You want to make sure dog has a routine and that you are keeping them close to you. Keep your dog secure when you’re at your desk. If you have to leave, secure your dog or take them with you. Try not to ask other people to watch your dog, as this could create an issue in the office. Be sure you are taking some breaks in the day, anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Give them bathroom breaks, exercise, playtime, or just some attention.

Be sure to pay attention to your dog and if they seem uncomfortable, take them home. Overall, as long as you are respectful of others and your dog, you should have a smooth experience.

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