Dog exercise routines.

Setting an Exercise Routine with Your Dog

Posted Jan 25, 2018 in Tips

In January, thousands of people around the country are trying to exercise more and get back in shape. Whether you’ve already started a new routine or are trying plan how to get back into exercising, it is important to have your own personal exercise routine. It is also great to have a plan that involves your dog and walking! When you are on a schedule with your dog, it makes it easier to get going and stick to your plan. Here are some tips for getting a routine rolling that will keep you and your dog in shape!

Make a Schedule

Walking with your dog is the perfect way to get in shape and get your workout for the day in. It is beneficial to walk your dog at the same time everyday, so get a plan in place for when you will do this. Whether your long walk is going to be in the morning or at night, make sure you have that scheduled and try not to vary from this too much.

Reminders and Alarms

It is hard to ignore your walks when you are constantly being reminded you need to do it. To make sure you don’t “forget” your schedule, set alarms for the time you should be walking. You can also put reminders on your phone using the Calendar or Reminders apps. Once you start establishing the times everyday, your dog will also start getting up on their own and reminding you themselves!

Bring What You Need To

Whether you have children, lots work to do, or both, you can still do your dog walk when you have other things going on. Bring the stroller along on the walk or do a call while you walk. If you want to be productive and make use of this time, consider listening to a podcast while you walk! You can also use your dog walks to completely unplug and just be with your dog for 20 minutes.

Don’t Give Up

If you slept in or missed your walk in the morning, it is important you don’t just give up. While sticking to a schedule is best for your pup, getting a walk in everyday no matter what is more important. Be flexible and make sure that you aren’t skipping a walk completely if you couldn’t fit it in in the morning. You also may need to make other changes in your schedule to be sure you can make the time for this. Simply waking up 30 minutes early is a great way to ensure you get your walk in.

In general, your dog is counting on you to take them on their walks. However, it is just as important that you stay active and healthy as well. So combining these activities gets both done at the same time! Good luck!

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