Protecting Your Dog from Hot Pavement

Protecting Your Dog from Hot Pavement

Posted Jul 11, 2019 in Dog Care

When the temperature outside is 77 degrees, you may think the ground is cool enough for Fido’s feet, but think again. When outside temperatures are only at 77 degrees, asphalt is already at a whopping 125.

In heat like that it only takes 60 seconds to burn and cause severe damage to your canine’s paw pads. To help protect your pooch and their paws, here are some hot pavement tips to remember this summer.

Wait for Cooler Hours of the Day to Walk Your Dog

When you hear this, it might seem obvious enough, but many people overlook it. Your usual and convenient routine of sunny daytime walks may lead you to forget how hot it really is for your dog.

Getting up earlier or waiting until later in the day will allow temperatures to lower as the sun does the same. The pavement can cool off quick when the sun isn’t blasting on it anymore – but even then, you should check the pavement with your own hand: if you can’t leave it on the ground for more than 10 seconds, your poor pup can’t either.

Try to Stay on The Grass When It Gets Extremely Hot

If you really don’t have any other option and your furry friend needs their daily exercise, take them on grassy walks. Stay in the shade as best you can and avoid any sidewalks or pavement. A cool and shady park is a perfect place to take your canine companion.

Moisturize Your Pup’s Paws & Use Paw Wax

With the heat and possible lack of moisture in the air, your dog’s paws can dry up and start to crack, causing them extreme pain. A cracked and dry paw is going to be even more vulnerable to heat as well. When moisturizing, ensure you use special dog formulas – those made for humans can be toxic and harmful for Fido.

Paw wax is a beneficial product you can spread on your pup’s paws before going outside. Paw wax is excellent in the winter for harmful antifreeze and salts – and is equally as helpful for heat, sand, gravel, etc.

Consider Investing in Doggie Shoes

Okay, your furry friend may not be so keen on this idea, but it can be extremely beneficial. Some dogs acclimate to the funny feeling of socks or shoes on their paws than others. If you do decide to try these out for your pup, you’ll want to make sure you get the proper size for their foot, so it’s not too tight or loose and falls off. Make sure the material is made with either rubber or neoprene soles, so they have the most protection over harmful services.

Whatever your plan is, your main priority should be your dog’s health and safety – and avoiding pavement when the sun is beaming down is the best way to do that.

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