New Year's Resolutions for Dogs

New Year’s Resolutions for Dogs

Posted Jan 16, 2019 in News

The New Year brings a time of self reflection and a period of creating goals for the upcoming year. While you’re probably focusing on how you can have a better year for yourself, you can also think about how you can help your dog. For the year of 2019, aim to set goals not only for yourself but also that incorporate your dog. These will improve you and your dogs life, and of course bring you closer together. Be sure to set realistic and measurable goals to ensure that you can achieve them in the new year. Here are some ways you can make this year the most happy and productive year for you and your furry friend.

Take More Walks

Walks are always a number one priority – dog owners know how key to pups dog’s happiness and health they are. Sometimes we can get tired, lazy, or cold and start pushing off our walks. Make it a goal to take your dog on one nice long walk everyday. Try new things and go to a different park or route around your neighborhood. No matter how busy of a day you had or how tired you are, be sure to always get a walk in. It is key for your dog’s health to always be taking walks. However, this will also be a joint workout for the both of you since walks are great workouts for us too.

Explore a New Place

Do you get bored on your normal walks or find yourself struggling to feel motivated on the same old walk? Make it a resolution this year to switch it up! While it’s great that you’re getting your dog outside and moving, sometimes your dog needs a little change of pace. Try to find one new outing for your dog a month. Whether its trying a new dog park, exploring a trail, or even heading to a dog-friendly restaurant, look for an exciting new outing. Your dog will love getting to experience something new. This can also help you maybe even meet some fellow dog loving friends.

Give Back to the Dog Community

Lastly, try a goal that’s a little bit different. There are many ways you (and your dog) can help out and give back to the dog community in your city or town. Set a goal to volunteer once a month (or more if you have time) to walk dogs at your local shelter. There are so many options for getting involved, whether its giving your time, money, or expertise. Some animals shelters need folks to help with their website, taking photos, etc., so give them a call to see what they need. If you want to take it even a step further, consider fostering a dog! This gives the dog a chance to socialize and have a home, making it easier for them to get adopted. Your dog also gets a friend to play with and a chance to do some socializing for themselves.

If you work to meet these goals every day and try your best to meet all your dog’s needs, you and your pup should have a happy and fulfilling 2019! Happy New Year!

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