New Year Dog Training

Posted Feb 21, 2020 in Dog Care

For many people, the new year is a symbol of a fresh start filled with resolutions. While bettering yourself is an important goal to have, improving your canine is also something to consider this year!

The Benefits of Training Your Dog

Adopting a dog is a massive responsibility that even those with the best intentions can underestimate. Often times, the reason a pup is given up to a shelter is due to challenging behavior issues they’re having while adapting to their new home.

Whether a dog is hyperactive, noisy, fearful, or aggressive – there is always a solution found through professional obedience training that can help build up the confidence and stability your pooch needs. Without guidelines to follow, it’s hard for your furry friend to stay out of trouble or behave appropriately. And as a busy adult, training a dog on your own can be exhausting, with sometimes feeling like you’re making little to no progress.

Some programs don’t even require you to be present during the entire training process, which is a tremendous help to so many owners who live busy lives. All you would need to do in those instances is to continue your pup’s training at home with consistent actions given to you by Fido’s trainer. With professional obedience training, your pooch can quickly become a happy and healthy pup that, in effect, will make you a happier and healthier pet parent.

Also, keep in mind, training your furry friend isn’t only beneficial; it can also be loads of fun too. Canines thrive off mental stimulation and love getting the chance to learn new things. Any quality time spent with your dog, including training, will additionally increase the bond between you and your pooch tremendously.

Finding a Professional Trainer for Your Dog

Sit Means Sit North Indy offers a variety of programs to fit any pet parent’s needs. Everything from Private Training to a Puppy Starter Kit is led by professional Indiana dog trainers who will work with you and your pooch to address the personal goals you wish to meet along with any issues they may observe.

Have any questions? Ready to start your pooch off on the right paw? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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