Playing with your dog indoors.

Rainy Day Inside Games with Your Dog

Posted Apr 6, 2018 in Tips

Exercise is key for keeping our dogs happy and in good spirits. A tired dog is happy dog, so it is so important to make sure we’re giving our dog’s the activity they need. However, it can be hard to find creative, fun things to do with your dog in the rainy weather. When it starts to rain, it can be easy to forget about getting your dog exercise. But luckily there are plenty of things you can do in your home to get your dog moving. Here are some of our favorite indoor rainy day games!

Hide and Treat

Dogs who love to sniff and search- this is for you. Take some of your dog’s favorite treats and hind them around in difference spots all around your home. Some ideas are under pillows, under a couch, behind a chair, in corners, etc. Then give your dog a chance to go find them! They’ll spend time searching to find their treats. Once they get them, they’ll be so excited to eat them! As your dog gets better, try hiding them in harder areas. Your pup will get to enjoy a treat while also getting exercise and working on their sniffing skills.

Puppy Play Date

Another thing to try to keep your dog entertained indoors is to have another furry friend over! Call up your friend who has a dog and plan some indoor fun. You and your friend can keep watch while your dog enjoys the company of a friend too! No matter what they do, having another dog is bound to be entertaining. Give them some toys or puzzles to try and it will be a guaranteed fun time.

Use a Kong Ball

Another fun indoor activity to try is to give your dog a Kong Ball. The Kong Ball can keep your dog occupied for hours as they try to get out the treat inside. It is hard to get out the treat because of the way the toy is shaped. This is perfect for a rainy day where you may need to get some things done, but still want your dog to have a good time. Once they get out the treat, just put in another one and let them go at it again!

Simple Indoor Games

If you want to try a new game inside and interact more with your dog, there are plenty of quick and easy games you can try. One option is tug of war. All you need is some form of rope (size depends on the size of your dog), you, and your dog! This simple game just requires you to hold the rope while your dog bites and tries to pull it away. Another game is fetch, but specifically made for indoors. If you have a long hallway in your house, roll a ball down it, and have them race to get it. It is a fun way to move this classic outdoor game inside.

Learn New Tricks

If you also want to work your dog’s mental strength, teaching them some new tricks is the way to do it. A rainy day is the perfect time to work on your dog’s tricks. If you don’t want to learn new tricks, try practicing the tricks you already know! Check out this list of unique tricks you can teach your dog on the next rainy day!

Let us know what your favorite activity to do with your dog on a rainy day is!

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