Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Homemade Jerky Treats

Posted Mar 14, 2019 in Fun Dog Stuff

Making your pup some treats is a fun experience that allows you to do something extra special for your dog, and you have the peace of mind knowing exactly what goes into them. Homemade beef and chicken jerky strips are the perfect chewy and savory snacks your furry friend will go wild over!

What You’ll Need

To create these easy doggy snacks, all you’ll need is your preferred lean protein and a dehydrator. If you don’t own a dehydrator and aren’t planning on purchasing one anytime soon, you can use your oven at its lowest setting.

How to Make Your Dog’s New Favorite Treat

  1. You’ll want to start prepping your meat by cutting them into long thin strips, no more than ¼ of an inch thick. This will allow for a quicker cooking time
  2. Once you’ve cut up your desired amount of pieces, place them out on a tray, spread out evenly enough to allow airflow between pieces (at least 1 inch)
  3. Set your dehydrator 160 degrees, or your oven to its lowest setting
  4. If you’re using an oven you’ll want to check on your jerky after about 3 hours, with a dehydrator you’ll want to wait until after 4 hours
  5. You’ll be checking to see if the jerky as shrunk to at least half its original size, is a dark and consistent color, and has dried all the way through
  6. Depending on what meat you’re using, steak usually takes 4 hours, and chicken can take up to 6 or more hours depending on thickness
  7. Jerky that is well done will not feel rubbery or puffy and be bendable
  8. Once cooled this jerky has a shelf life of 1 week on the counter, and 2 weeks if kept in the fridge. If you use a vacuum sealer, you can even have jerky last up to a couple of months

In 4-6 hours you’ll have cheap, easy, and most importantly healthy dog treats instead of store-bought snacks with preservatives. Your four-legged friend will be sure to make these disappear in no time.

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