Does My Dog Need a Sweater?

Does My Dog Need a Sweater?

Posted Dec 9, 2019 in Dog Care

With winter’s arrival, you’ve probably seen a few pups with sweaters or coats on during your daily walks with Fido or while scrolling through social media. Are sweaters just a fashion accessory for furry friends, or are they a necessity for certain breeds? Let’s find out!

Do All Dogs Need Sweaters in the Winter?

Not all dogs need coats or sweaters to keep them warm during the winter weather. Some dogs are specifically bred to withstand lower temperatures. But other canines such as senior dogs, young pups, breeds with short hair, or a pooch who is under the weather can benefit significantly from an added layer. Even some larger dogs can benefit from a sweater, so don’t let size determine what your pooch needs. Breeds like Greyhounds are actually more sensitive to lower temperatures, so even though they’re big dogs – they usually enjoy an extra layer.

With that being said, some furry friends can’t stand clothing no matter how many times you try to get them accustomed to it. Because of this, it’s essential to know that you should never force your pooch to wear a sweater.

How to Find the Best Sweater for Your Pup

Just because it’s a sweater advertised for dogs, doesn’t mean it’s a perfect match for your pooch. For snowy weather, you might want to consider investing in a waterproof coat, so your pup’s sweater doesn’t just turn into a damp piece of fabric during some flurries. Details like polar-fleece lining are also great for giving your dog some added comfort that will also help them withstand the cold.

Overall, always do your research and read reviews. Just because a sweater looks fluffy and warm, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. With technology continuing to evolve, the material used for outerwear has the ability to be made thinner without sacrificing warmth. Also on the flip side, if a coat is too warm, your four-legged friend could start to overheat.

How Should the Sweater Fit?

You don’t want your canine companion’s sweater to be too tight. Otherwise, they’ll have restricted mobility. Just like you need room to move in your clothing, your furry friend does as well. You also don’t want your pooch tripping over themselves because their sleeves are too long. What you want to look for is a fit for Fido that’s snug but not tight. When browsing different sweaters and coats, you’ll also want to steer clear of any hanging zippers or snaps that could potentially rub and irritate your pup’s skin.

If you don’t have a dog that’s accustomed or made for winter weather – an added layer of warmth can benefit them more than you think. As long as you do your research and aren’t forcing your pooch into anything they don’t want to be in – you should be just fine.

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