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We provide premium dog training services in Fishers, Kokomo, Noblesville, Hamilton County, and the surrounding northern Indianapolis, Indiana areas. Our team of professional dog trainers are dedicated to helping dogs and their families develop the best line of communication and achieve out-of-this-world results. Our dog obedience training services are available for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

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Private Training

Private Training

This is for anyone who wants to be directly involved and responsible for their dogs training. Our one-on-one training instruction with real life distractions will give you and your dog the support and confidence to go out in public with results that will have people asking you How did you do that?”. After completing your Private instruction, you’ll have unlimited access to our Group Training classes for the rest of your dogs life! Schedule your FREE consultation today. (Available for select dogs)

Price: $997–$1997 (includes $450 in equipment)

(12 month payment options available)

Day Training

Day Training

Imagine a fun interactive day care for your dog with an added bonus of a great education! Drop off your dog in the morning and come back later in the day to see what new things they’ve learned. This training approach is a great combo of Private Training with a Stay & Train touch. Our facility environment along with our professional training knowledge will speed up your training results that will draw attention wherever you go! After completing your Private instruction, you’ll have unlimited access to our Group Training classes for the rest of your dogs life! Schedule your FREE consultation today. (Available for select dogs)

Price: $1757–$2257 (this includes $450 in equipment)

(12 month payment options available)

Stay Training

Stay Training

Our most popular choice! We’re the professionals, so it only makes sense that we would be able to get the best results. Training is all about education through repetition and consistency. Our trainers number one job is to help your dog through their new journey. Being consistent can be very difficult for those who works full time with a family and many other obligations. Don’t worry, your dog will definitely not forget you and your training begins as soon as you pick them up! After completing your Private instruction, you’ll have unlimited access to our Group Training classes for the rest of your dogs life! Schedule your FREE consultation today! (Available for select dogs)

Price: $1943–$4197 (this includes $450 in equipment)

(12 month payment options available)

Puppy Starter Kit

Puppy Starter Kit

With this package, you and your puppy will learn the safest way to socialize as you begin to shape new behaviors. We’ll show you the proper way to crate & potty train your puppy for success. This also includes handouts packed full of information to help you at home. Register HERE today. This class is a beginner class and we highly recommend jumping straight into one of our premium training packages after completion. (Available for select puppies 8-16wks).

Price: $299


Interested in our boarding services? Call to schedule your two hour evaluation.  Leaving your dog at a new place while being away can be very stressful for you and your pet. We want to make sure that we’re the best option for you. Our two hour evaluation will help us make this decision.

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Dog Park

Dog Park

11,000sf, 24 hour, members only dog park.

Looking for a great place to spend time with your dog? We have the solution! We are proud to offer our 11,000 sf 24 hour members only dog park. This is available for all Sit Means Sit training clients who have successfully passed their training program and anyone who can pass our behavior and obedience evaluation. Call for Details!

CGC Testing

Canine Good Citizen

Looking for CGC testing? Testing is available for dogs one year or older. Give us a call for more information.

Happy Healthy Dog

Nutrition Consulting

Do you really know what you’re feeding your dog? Don’t be fooled by that pretty bag full of pellets. Talk to our Nutrition Consultant to learn what’s best for your carnivore companion.

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We service the following locations in North Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Don't see your city? Click here to find a Sit Means Sit Dog Trainer near you.

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Our Dog Trainers

Click on one of our dog trainers below to learn a bit more about them.

  1. Chris Altherr
    Chris Altherr
  2. Breanne Altherr
    Breanne Altherr
  3. Carmen Boone
    Carmen Boone
  4. Coming Soon
    Josie Stiller

Chris Altherr Owner/Head Trainer

I’ve always been fascinated by dogs, and new challenges. I like when someone tells me it can’t be done. Having a training facility allows me to see and interact with new dogs on a daily basis.  We’re often presented with dogs that seem to be on a hopeless path and to be able to show a troubled owner a night and day difference with their dog in such a short time is what it’s all about. Before you know it, the owner who couldn’t imagine walking their dog without dragging them down the street is now working their dog off leash in a crowded area wowing the crowds with amazing tricks.

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Breanne Altherr Owner/Nutritionist/Trainer

I started working with dogs in 2006. I actually started out as a bather in a pet store, but quickly became a groomer after attending a grooming academy. Over the next ten years grooming and working with dogs, I was constantly running into dogs that were suffering from obesity and many other health challenges like allergies, skin infections, poor teeth, yeast, tear stained eyes, etc. You name it, I saw it. It was obvious to me that there was something to this. Diet has always been a priority to me when it comes to our dogs, but particularly for the last eight and a half years or so. Experience and research had taught me a lot, but I wanted more. This led me to The American Council of Animal Naturopathy (A.C.A.N.) where I chose to pursue certification in Carnivore Nutrition Consulting and Small Animal Natural Health Coach. This has helped to be able to better help guide families with dogs suffering from dis ease become families with dogs that are no longer just getting by, but are thriving. I absolutely love educating and empowering families to take control of their pets health and wellbeing and the results are priceless. Although my primary focus is helping dogs be well, I enjoy training just as much and love being able to assist my husband, our trainers, and clients in any way possible. So whether it’s in a nutrition consultation or in group class, I look forward to meeting you and your dog(s)!

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Carmen Boone Trainer

I love all animals and being a pet owner myself, I have encountered numerous challenges. After one particularly challenging dog, I found Sit Means Sit. It changed my perspective and opened my eyes to new opportunities. I went from client to trainer and now I get to help make a difference in the lives of others. Even small steps are progress and progress is something I love seeing.

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Josie Stiller Kennel Tech

Hi! My name is Josie and I am a kennel tech here at Sit Means Sit. Working and taking care of dogs has been something I’ve wanted to do from childhood. I love helping new dogs through the transition of home to our facility. Being able to provide the comfort and attention they need while they’re away from home is a big role that I am grateful to have. From feeding and cleaning to bike rides and play times, it’s so much fun to bond and build awesome relationships with all the dogs that come here.

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We love our customers. Our customers and their dogs love us. See what they have to say below.

“I just have to comment about our dog Lincoln! We left him Monday at Sit Means Sit for training and picked him up Friday evening. Before training, our dog could never be off a leash, he would go nuts when people come over and did not listen to us at all! Since we have been home he has been off leash in our yard while we worked on landscaping. Another dog came in our yard, a cat came in our yard, and our kids were playing with balls and he didn’t move! Then my husband came home from work while we were still in the yard, and he normally goes bonkers but he sat And waited to be greeted by my husband. He was practically shaking because he wanted to run to him but Lincoln knew he was instructed to be in sit position and waited for my husband to come to him! This has continued throughout the weekend! Normally my dog would have to be crated because it was just too hard to mess with holding his leash while being outside. I could almost cry. We can now enjoy our dog to the fullest and he now has so much more freedom because he listens and obeys our commands! I cannot express how pleased we are with Sit Means Sit! And this is just the beginning!” 

“Truly remarkable! We have tried numerous other trainers/methods with little to no results. We have had our dogs home less than a week and I am repeatedly blown away by their behavior. Today my 80 lbs Lab mix and I visited Petsmart. He didn’t even acknowledge the other dogs, but looked at me for direction. Everyone including me was amazed by his behavior. Prior to SMS I would go to great lengths to avoid other dogs. Our Pug mix is also doing great and enjoying all her outings too. I don’t think there is any limit to what we can do together now that SMS has laid the foundation. It is definitely something we will have to maintain and grow on our own. However, now that is fun bonding time vs frustration. The ongoing support from Chris and Breanne ensures that even though setbacks may happen we can work through them. We are enjoying our pups in a way I didn’t even know was possible. Thank you and looking forward to continuing to train with you guys.” 

“I can not say enough good stuff about this company!!! We now are starting to live in harmony with Roxy! Finally able to have our boys enjoy her, go on walks with her, and even show off our new fire hydrant skills haha!!! Which was pretty awesome that she placed for us just as a car pulled up! Yep that’s our dog! The awesome one! If you want your dog to finally enjoy life with your family go here!! I too was hesitant, but Roxy is so happy! Just look at their photos, check out the facility.. the dogs are happy! Thank you to all the trainers and staff who took care and taught Roxy!! Looking forward to our lifelong commitment!” 

“Hands down the best dog training I’ve seen. Lifetime follow ups with your dog and free basic and eventually advanced training. Love it. Kris (not sure if I spelled that right.) and Bree are super helpful as well as their other trainers. Wouldn’t and won’t ever take any future dogs anywhere else.” 

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